robotsA Regression Program for Ball-Kicking RobotsHolden Rohrer8 weeks
school212021-22 school yearHolden Rohrer3 months
drocksA Dlang curses game about rocksHolden Rohrer8 months
minimunPerl+PDFTeX PDF GeneratorHolden Rohrer9 months
pospapModel UN Position PapersHolden Rohrer12 months
school202020-21 school yearHolden Rohrer12 months
flyerModel UN flyerHolden Rohrer14 months
scifairScience Fair 2020Holden Rohrer15 months
ywot-cleanAn API for Your World of TextHolden Rohrer22 months
schoolMost of my work for the 2019-2020 school yearHolden Rohrer22 months
tmpltHuman-readable DAG parserHolden Rohrer22 months
badrofftty typesetting with roff-like syntax in CHolden Rohrer23 months
dotfilesinstallation and config for my systemHolden Rohrer23 months
dict-miscPKGBUILD for dictd dictionariesHolden Rohrer24 months
lcd1602C99+asm arduino interface to LCD1602 displayHolden Rohrer2 years
utilsSmall, miscellaneous tools that I've found usefulHolden Rohrer2 years
chemistry70 Pages of Notes and Labs from Online ChemistryHolden Rohrer2 years
diffeq-projDifferential Equations Project 2019-20Holden Rohrer2 years
gopro-filesA Makefile/TeX that compiles files into a PDFHolden Rohrer2 years
appcomb-projApplied Combinatorics 2019 Fall ProjectHolden Rohrer2 years
rocksA little python curses game about rocksHolden Rohrer2 years