pospapModel UN Position PapersHolden Rohrer3 days
flyerModel UN flyerHolden Rohrer9 days
scifairScience Fair 2020Holden Rohrer2 weeks
school202020-21 school yearHolden Rohrer5 weeks
sboardPretty much a C web frameworkHolden Rohrer7 months
minimunPerl+PDFTeX PDF GeneratorHolden Rohrer7 months
ywot-cleanAn API for Your World of TextHolden Rohrer7 months
schoolMost of my work for the 2019-2020 school yearHolden Rohrer8 months
tmpltHuman-readable DAG parserHolden Rohrer8 months
badrofftty typesetting with roff-like syntax in CHolden Rohrer9 months
dotfilesinstallation and config for my systemHolden Rohrer9 months
chemistry70 Pages of Notes and Labs from Online ChemistryHolden Rohrer9 months
appcomb-projApplied Combinatorics 2019 Fall ProjectHolden Rohrer9 months
dict-miscPKGBUILD for dictd dictionariesHolden Rohrer9 months
diffeq-projDifferential Equations Project 2019-20Holden Rohrer9 months
gopro-filesA Makefile/TeX that compiles files into a PDFHolden Rohrer9 months
lcd1602C99+asm arduino interface to LCD1602 displayHolden Rohrer9 months
rocksA little python curses game about rocksHolden Rohrer9 months
utilsSmall, miscellaneous tools that I've found usefulHolden Rohrer9 months
gimkitFirefox extension for Gimkit assistHolden Rohrer