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mastercentralized version stuff into the makefile and js->cssHolden Rohrer9 months
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2020-07-29centralized version stuff into the makefile and js->cssHEADmasterHolden Rohrer
2020-07-25rpm installs index.htmlHolden Rohrer
2020-07-24switched to ext-independent code (ver 1.1)Holden Rohrer
2020-06-04oldest mistake in the bookHolden Rohrer
2020-06-04updated month to be accurateHolden Rohrer
2020-06-03added struts to avoid empty space on empty inputsHolden Rohrer
2020-06-03imagemagick white -> transparent & trim logoHolden Rohrer
2020-06-03forgot to remove edited format.tex from archiveHolden Rohrer
2020-06-03realized that illegal characters should just be removedHolden Rohrer
2020-06-02made the response actually standardHolden Rohrer